Historical Web Tech

Item Price Difference Tool

Ali created a web app that automatically checked: prices on Amazon, the distance to sellers, and reselling profitability of items on Craigslist. The tool emailed reports on price differences for nearby items being sold. This was expanded upon with a scanner for use at book sales. The differentiation led to Ali selling online and creating a unique product peaking at #111 in Wine Accessories on Amazon.

  • Tech: RESTful APIs, Scraping, Windows and Unix daemons, SendMail, LAMP stack, Barcode Scanning, WAMP, and Undocumented Google APIs.

Dubai Real Estate Price Tool

An app and tool for measuring historical real estate prices in Dubai. This included: apartments, land, housing, leasing and for purchase. This included: apartments, land, housing, leasing, and for-purchase properties. Pictures are not saved for the demo.

  • Tech: LAMP, Javascript, RESTful APIs, Scraping, Leaflet.js, and Color Theory.

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