Cloud and Server Management: AWS EC2/Bare Metal Server Management, and LAMP/LEMP Bitnami Stack Configuration.

Front-End Development: UI/UX Design, Responsive Web Design, Bootstrap, HTML5/CSS3, jQuery, and Leaflet.js/Mapbox Geospatial Mapping.

Back-End Development: RESTful APIs (eBay and Amazon Seller Services, ChatGPT), Data Scraping, PHP8, MySQL, MariaDB, Ubuntu OS, and Cron Tasks Management.

Email and Security: Email Service Configuration (SendMail, AWS), SSL/HTTPS Configuration, Email Marketing, and Email Performance Optimization.


Strategic Leadership: Price Structuring, Cost Benefit Analysis, Inventory Management, Market Strategy, Brand Building, Product Innovation, Trend Forecasting, Sales Projection, and Financial Planning.

E-commerce and SAAS Operations: Multi-channel Optimization, Data Analysis, Web/E-commerce SEO, Growth Hacking, Supply Chain Coordination, Vendor Relations, Customer Retention, and Warehouse Logistics.

Human Resources and Legal: Talent Acquisition, Team Leadership, Task Distribution, Legal Correspondence, Contract Negotiation, Intellectual Property Protection, and Regulatory Compliance.

Future-Proof Systems

As generative AI rips through our world, new systems and paradigms will emerge. In these hyperbolic times anchoring oneself to system-agnostic performance is the best way to navigate the turbulence.  Email Ali today and learn how your hierarchy will thrive using UTOPS.

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